How to Clean Muddy Running Shoes With Ease

Running Shoes

image showing wet muddy shoes

Just finished a thrilling muddy race? Well, congratulations are in order!

You should be feeling really proud of yourself especially if any positive changes were noticed in your fitness levels.

However, one of your major headaches will definitely be the mud-laden running shoes that look like they have been to hell and back. Even the best running shoe in the world requires cleaning after an encounter with a muddy terrain.

How do you get them clean so they can look like new again? The truth is, there are several methods used by people from all walks of life.

The good news is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and any of the techniques outlined below can help anyone achieve the necessary results.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Muddy Shoes Cleaned?

Getting stuck with running shoes can be a nightmare. However, all's not lost as long as you are willing to follow these methods below.

Method 1

This is a favorite among runners and can lead to fantastic results. However, it requires some patience and probably not the best option if you need the shoes cleaned quickly.

Let’s look at the steps in detail.

1. Dry the Mud

dried muddy shoes ready for cleaning

Allowing the mud to dry on the shoes is the first step in this method. This can be a smarter way to get the shoes cleaned without making a huge mess down the line.

2. Get Rid of the Dried Mud

Once the mud on the shoes looks dry, the next step is to get them off. This can be done in a variety of ways including slapping the shoes against each other or putting them on and stomping around to get rid of the caked mud.

You could also get the caked mud off by digging as long as it doesn’t go too deep.

3. Put Shoes Inside Your Washer

muddy shoes being cleaned in a washer

This is the point where your washing machine can come in handy. Just throw the shoes inside the washer and switch it on to get it work.

However, avoid putting the machine in a cycle that is too quick as this could end up causing severe damage to your shoes.

4. Wet Cloth

If any parts of the shoes don’t look cleaned to your satisfaction, just get a wet cloth and clean those areas in question. You can be sure that it will look like new within a couple of minutes.

5. Air Dry

Put your shoes in an aerated part of your home if you want them to dry with speed. Don’t forget to remove the laces as well as orthotics and sock liners before drying.

It is always advisable to dry all accessories separately as this doesn’t just ensure quick results; it also minimizes the probability of odors.

Method 2

This method doesn’t rely on washing machines and can be a great way to keep your running shoes completely cleaned no matter how muddy it looks.

1. Cleaning Pad on the Spot

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is shown here

It simply involves getting mud off your shoes immediately you get home after a muddy race or walk. You can remove the dirt and stains with an old tooth brush or cleaning pad such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

These cleaners help you get rid of dirt stains and scuffs in the most difficult areas of the shoe.

2. Clean with Water and a Scrub Brush

muddy shoes being cleaned with scrub brush

Alternatively, you could soak your shoes in water and clean with a scrub brush. However, stick to the mid-sole and outsole areas if you decide to go down this route as the brush’s tough texture could be harsh on the upper.

Remember, immediate cleaning is highly recommended because it gives you a better chance of getting rid of stains, which become more difficult to clean the longer it takes.

3. Air Dry

Lastly, you should remove the laces and insoles to give the shoes enough room for air. Then pull out the tongues and air dry. If possible, dry for a few days in order to remove any bad odors while ensuring complete dryness.

Your running shoes will be ready for the road in no time.


The top techniques outlined above are the most effective ways to get a muddy running shoe super cleaned with little effort. Depending on your preferences, each of the above can be relied upon no matter how dirty you shoes look.

Just follow the step-by-step methods and you will have your shoes looking like new in no time. Don't forget to utilize a reliable shoe drying technique for maximum results.

Have any other techniques in mind? Feel free to hit us up because we'd love to hear from you.