How to Fuel Rapid Weight Loss With A Rowing Machine

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woman working out on a rowing machine to lose weight

Can a rowing machine be effective for fat loss? If your aim is to get a leaner body and seriously considering splashing on an indoor rower, this question will inevitably come up.

A Rowing machine is probably the most aptly designed piece of equipment for weight loss but sadly, it remains one of the most underrated.

In fact, walk into any busy gym at peak times and treadmills are likely to be the most sought-after while majority of the rowers will be available.

This is probably due to the fact that most people seem to think running is the best way to shed off body fat. It could also be due to the fact that treadmills have been on the market for a considerable longer period.

Even among fitness enthusiasts who are well-informed about the fat-blasting capabilities of the indoor rower, the temptation to move towards the treadmill section usually seems irresistible.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with a Rowing Machine?

Obviously, the number of calories burned on any gym equipment depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in and for how long.

However, the weight loss opportunities with indoor rowers are limitless.

On the average, most users burn an estimated 600 calories per hour working out on a rowing machine.

This is slightly larger than what you can expect from other pieces of equipment such as recumbent exercise bikes or even treadmills.

Remember, rowing machines are designed to have the same effect on your body as rowing on real water while sitting in a raft or small boat.

Rowing simply allows your heart rate to surge, causing lots of sweat and burning significant number of calories in the process.

How Do Indoor Rowers Induce Weight Loss?

picture of a woman working out in a gym

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that any form of physical exercise that causes sweating can lead to calorie burning. However, how do rowers induce weight loss and what makes them stand out compared to other machines?

Firstly, rowing is probably the master activity that works on every core muscle group in the body with each stroke. Areas such as your chest, abs, back, and legs are heavily involved in the “push” and “pull” movements per stroke.

This means no cardiovascular exercise is more powerful, direct, and practical as rowing.

In addition, the fact that rowing puts low levels of stress on the joints and other areas of the body means many users are able to keep going for longer periods without getting too tired.

While most exercise equipment focus on improving cardiovascular health alone, rowing can also help you build more muscle.

So, what will you give to replace the annoying belly fat with strong six packs?

What is the Best Rowing Technique to Burn Fat?

You could jump onto some of the most expensive rowing machines on the market and keep going for hours every day. However, you are going to achieve little to no results if your technique is wrong.

Your body posture is probably the most important consideration to getting maximum weight loss techniques from your indoor rower. While performing the forward and backward rowing movements, it’s important for your back area to be arched naturally.

Also, ensure that your knees are completely straight when pulling the handle towards your torso during backward strokes.

Rowing at high intensity levels is one of the well-kept secrets fitness and weight loss industry. Rowing forwards and backwards in quick sets of movements powers your body to lose as much fat as possible.

Just make sure your intensity levels keep surging even at increasing levels of resistance to ensure the amount of calories you burn does not plateau and begin to reduce.

Fast Indoor Rower Weight Loss via High Intensity Interval Training

the waterrower is shown here

If you thought interval training is only applicable during running, you’re in for a shock.

Essentially, the best way to achieve quick fat loss on an indoor rower is via high intensity interval training. This simply involves rowing between quick and slower movements. This can be an ultra effective way to put your body’s weight loss abilities on steroids.

Even during your “resting” intervals, the body continues to burn fat because it is pushed to the limit during the “high” intensity levels.

Since most rowers come with built-in levels of resistance, the best way to achieve results is to alternate between different points of resistance at varying degrees of intensity.

As you build more stamina, make sure you increase your resistance as well as your levels of intensity.

This is the only way to guarantee the body gets the necessary level of workouts challenging enough to boost continuous fitness and burn more body fat.

Eat Healthy

It is important to engage in consistent rowing sessions at different levels of intensity in order to boost fat loss. However, the amount of fat your body loses is not just determined by your physical activity levels.

Cutting unhealthy foods in favor of healthier options can give the body that edge it needs to gain maximum fat loss.

It is recommended that you stay away from sugar-laden soft drinks, and excessive amounts of alcohol which only ends up increasing your waist line.

Instead, replace them with healthier alternatives that can supply the necessary nutrients required by the body.

Making fresh apples, carrots, strawberries, and other snacks with little-to-no calories the cornerstone of your diet can fuel a successful weight loss journey.

Other healthy options include lean meat such as chicken to replace red meat as well as brown rice to replace processed rice, and steamed vegetables in favor of processed ones.

Remember, eating healthy is 50 percent of fat loss and that alone can boost your body’s ability to lose weight. In fact, cutting 500 calories from your daily diet alone can result in a pound of weight loss every week.


Using a rowing machine for fat loss is not just a mirage; it can actually be an effective way to power up your body towards that frame and figure you have always dreamed of.

Just make sure you leverage your results by using the right techniques stated above. And don’t forget to eat healthy while in the process.

Nobody has achieved healthy weight loss by eating just about anything they lay their hands on.