Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines Review- Is It Special?

Elliptical Trainers

the gazelle edge is equally great for guys too

The Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines is here to stay and has amassed thousands of dedicated followers. This machine is built for beginners and intermediates with realistic fitness goals.

If you are an advanced exerciser or an extremely fit person such as a Navy SEAL, you will be better off with a more advanced and obviously more expensive model.

The impact and effectiveness of this elliptical trainer to your overall fitness goals cannot be underrated. Even if you have the most ambitious fitness goals, the fact still remains that you have to start from somewhere.

This means an elliptical trainer with small to medium resistance will be the right way to build your strength up.

Jumping straight to a top-level elliptical with extreme resistance levels may just not be feasible.

It could also expose you to severe body pains and even injuries.

At an incredible price, this mini-elliptical machine offers a wide range of positive features usually found in full elliptical trainers.


Elliptical machines don’t come cheap. If you prefer one with advanced features suitable for people of all fitness levels, you can’t avoid paying top dollar.

While there are a couple of lower-priced units available for sale, most of them come with several limitations. From annoying squeaks and creaks during workouts due to shorter strides and inferior parts, they can be extremely frustrating.

While the Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines is far from advanced, it is built to produce its core functions with high-end precision.

In effect, it gives you an impressive value for money. Unless you have built up your fitness levels over an extended period, this model may be just what you need.

Design and Performance

lady working out on the gazelle edge
This mini-elliptical machine comes with a no-nonsense basic design that rounds up in a simple unit. Sure, it isn’t the most sophisticated model out there but it delivers basic functions in an impressive manner.

There is no point procrastinating about getting fit, under the guise of saving up for an expensive model. Getting this model actually helps you get your “feet wet” while improving your health and overall fitness.

It will also give you ample time to save up to get your dream elliptical without compromising your health further.

There are actually a lot of consumers who simply opt for this model even when money isn’t a problem.

If you have experienced the stress and discomfort of working out on a dysfunctional but expensive elliptical machine in the past then you will appreciate the fact that a well-constructed basic design trumps one with a flawed sophisticated finish every single time.

The simple design also means that is comes with a limited number of parts and accessories. This makes it easy for even children to assemble it successfully.

This machine can be handled with ease thanks to the lightweight build which also comes in handy during storage.

Workout Computer

image showing the gazelle edge computer screen
The Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines features a 5-function workout computer. It ensures that you are always aware of how far you are pushing yourself during workouts.

Vital parameters such as your speed, distance, and time are effectively displayed on your computer.

The workout computer also allows you to take note of your progress over a defined period of time. Increasing your resistance to significantly improve your stamina over time becomes easier because of access to this data.

Weight Capacity

Who thought such a small elliptical could handle so much weight? Well, according to the manufacturer’s manual, this machine is suitable for people who weigh a maximum of 250 pounds.

This is extremely impressive and quite surprising if you look at the weight of the whole unit.


gazelle edge pictured here
Even a mini-elliptical trainer costing $100 would useless without delivering decent performance. The good news is that hundreds of customers (and counting) on continue to rate the Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines very high thanks to its impressive performance.

You get complete body workouts with minimal noise while the wide non-slip foot platform enhances your safety and minimizes injuries.

Manufactured from steel, the mini-elliptical's frame is strong and sturdy which ensures complete support for you. As long as you fall within the stipulated weight range of up to 250 pounds, your safety is more or less guaranteed.

The unit is designed with an extra range of motion to ensure flexibility during your workouts. Within seconds, you can transform from a slow walk to a full run without the need to make any stops.


The Gazelle Freestyle Step Machines is one of the cheapest elliptical units available for sale.

The superior level of performance, quality of parts, and smooth operation makes it the go-to elliptical trainer for those with extremely low budgets. This model is perfect for college students and anyone with limited space and budget.

It can also be a great way to introduce your teenagers to working out and staying fit without breaking the bank.