Omron HR-100 CN Heart Rate Monitor Reviewed!

Heart Rate Monitors

Omron HR-100 CN Heart Rate Monitor with strap displayed here

The Omron HR-100 CN Heart Rate Monitor is one of the most vital ammos in your fitness arsenal. If you are desperate for a healthier lifestyle, you can’t just continue to exercise without any idea of your performance.

Knowing your specific heart rate during exercises can be lifesaving.

In fact, it can be the difference between less-effective workouts that generate minimal results at best and smarter, more effective physical activities that transform your body into a fat burning furnace while toning your physique and enhancing your stamina.

This heart rate monitor is highly regarded in the fitness industry. Most current and past users have been impressed by its functionality as well as the range of features available.

It has the ability to transform your outlook on staying fit. This watch can also give you the necessary insights to ramp up performance at the right times.

How else do you expect to achieve your ambitious fitness goals?

Heart Zone

standalone image of the omron HR- 100 watch
Cardiovascular exercises are popular in the fitness industry due to their obvious benefits to the body. It is no secret that these exercises come in several types and there are so many options out there.

However, optimum results can only be achieved by engaging in those which work your heart muscles to improve its strength and endurance.

The secret to an effective workout is to be able to maintain your heart rate at the right level for 20 minutes or more. Regardless of the type of activity you undertake, experts recommend that you try to stay in the 65%-85% zone.

This ensures the ability to achieve the best health for not just the heart but your overall body.

The Omron HR-100 CN Heart Rate Monitor gives users valuable data to track and maintain their workouts for top-notch results. Results are displayed in real-time on the watch receiver as long as the user is wearing the transmitter.

Most people lose track of themselves frequently during workout sessions, resulting in accidentally leaving their optimum personal heart rate limits.

This heart rate monitor keeps you grounded throughout each session with help from the alarm feature which beeps to signal you every time your heart rate becomes higher or lower than your personal preset limit.

This effectively guarantees that as long as you are willing to pay attention to it and act accordingly, your fitness goals will never be out of reach.

What is in the Box?

Omron HR-100 CN Heart Rate Monitor with strap displayed here
This model ships in a package which consists of the watch as well as lithium batteries to power it. Another item you can find in the shipment is the almighty transmitter.

Other vital components include the chest transmitter strap which operates by monitoring your heart beat when worn.

The transmitter always keeps track of your heart movement and performance and sends accurate data to the display watch.

You can also find an instruction manual which makes it easy to assemble the components for effective usage.

When not in use, the included case storing your heart rate monitor also comes in very handy. It offers protection for the watch so it can stay in mint condition for a long period of time.

Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor Features

pictured here is how the omron HR- 100 watch looks on the wrist
This heart monitor watch from Omron is built with features which could make it integral to your aim of achieving optimum health and fitness.

It features a 12-hour clock that can be used as a regular watch. The watch also features an alarm system that can be turned on or off depending on your needs.

In addition, it features a stop watch which is great for timing yourself when working out or undertaking any other activities. No need to guess how long you have been conducting a specific exercise routine anymore.

Just set your stopwatch to your preferred time and keep going hard until the watch starts beeping.

This watch also comes with an indicator which alerts you when your heart rate is being monitored and transmitted.

In addition, the mounting bracket makes it easy for your Omron watch to be displayed on elliptical trainers, treadmills, and several types of gym equipment.

Water Resistance

The watch and transmitter are built to resist water up to 30 meters deep. This makes it ideal for measuring your heart rate during swimming, snorkeling, and other activities involving water.

You will never have to worry about damaging your watch if it ever falls accidentally into water.


The Omron HR-100 CN Heart Rate Monitor is a superior model from a world-renowned manufacturer that can boost your health and fitness. It is available at a great bargain and guarantees accurate results.

It is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and even professional athletes with regular workout needs.

Just make sure you take advantage of most of its core functionality and you should be in line to get fit.

After all, what do you have to lose?