Polar FT4 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Review!

Heart Rate Monitors

woman going for a run with her blue version of the Polar FT4

The Polar FT4 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch could be the secret towards achieving your wildest fitness dreams. This watch has inspired many women to begin working out and keeps them motivated when the going gets tough.

Whether you are a disciplined exerciser or been postponing working out for years, this watch could be a positive influence.

It comes in wide range of colors that women have traditionally loved. From pink to light green as well as purple, red, and many others, you should have no problems finding your preferred design.

It is a true beauty perfect for women and teenage girls who exercise actively or sparingly.

If you have been looking for a way to workout smarter instead of harder, this is just what you have been waiting for.

Personal Trainer

image showing the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor silver color
The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor works as your personal trainer by continually delivering your heart rate and other performance data in your body during light or intensive exercises. There are so many times when you might think you are really killing it on a treadmill or another machine.

However, a quick glance at your stats and you realize that you couldn’t be more wrong. An accurate heart rate monitor keeps you in the loop about your real performance levels.

Armed with this information, you can monitor your intensity and keep working on your target zones to ensure maximum results.

Your FT4 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is all about giving you cold hard data. You simply get the right information to decide when to turn up the heat or slow down during workout sessions.

It is just like having a personal trainer on your wrist to provide you expert guidance to fitness. As long as you are willing to listen to what it says, no fitness goals will be beyond your reach.

Calories Burned

blue version of the Polar FT4 shown here
The secret to effective weight loss is burning more calories than you consume. This phenomenon has been termed as calorie deficit by fitness experts.

The Polar FT4 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch keeps a watchful eye on your intensity. It also measures your heart as well as other body parts to determine the accurate amount of calories burnt per session.

Having a muffin top or piling on excessive body fat is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Unfortunately, losing weight is a complicated process that many of us try but fail to achieve.

Thankfully, you can rely on the FT4 to plan and work towards your weight loss goals with accuracy.

This watch can also be used for tracking your intensity in everyday activities such as walking or even playing with the kids.

It is water-resistant so feel free to strap it on during swimming and other water-based fun activities.

Track Your Progress

green version of the Polar FT4 pictured here
Motivation is everything when you want to lose weight or increase your stamina. Millions of people begin working out but end up quitting before they reach their goals. This is usually because they have no idea whether progress is being made or not.

The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor lets you know just how much progress you have made, if any at all.

Users get access to a training summary after every workout featuring details such as average and maximum heart rate. Info such as the number of calories burnt is also displayed accurately.

In addition, the FT4 stores data from your last ten workouts so you can plot your own graph to determine whether you are improving or not. This helps you stay motivated in order to reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible.

H1 Heart Rate Chest Strap Sensor

Polar FT4 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Review. check out the pink version here
The Polar FT4 ships with the H1 Heart Rate Chest Strap Sensor. This chest strap sensor is responsible for continuous streaming to check and transmit the right information about your heart rate. The gathered data is sent to the wrist watch which acts as the receiver.

This sensor is easy to carry and manufactured from soft fabric so you can wear it all day long if you want. It is easy to put on and remove, thanks to its side hook mechanism.

The Polar FT4’s chest strap sensor is built to eliminate the risk of cross-talk with other types of heart rate monitors and electrical gadgets.

If you are a gym bunny, this heart rate monitor will be a perfect addition to your gym bag. It features GymLink technology which makes it compatible with several gym equipment from different brands.

The chest strap sensor is powered by a battery which can be easily replaced by the user when it dies.


The Polar FT4 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is the best selling heart rate monitor by a mile. It is relied upon by tons of women from every part of the world to monitor their workouts and boost their quest to reach their fitness goals.

There are so many awesome colors for you to choose to suit your personal preferences.

If you are committed to transforming your body, getting this heart rate monitor watch will be a great start.