Top 5 Elliptical Brands 2020

Elliptical Trainers

picture of the Precor EFX 447 Precision Series Elliptical Cross Trainer

What are the top elliptical brands on the market today? Many dedicated followers who are convinced of the flawless ability of elliptical machines continually ask themselves this question.

 After all, who says no to the ability to undertake world-class cardio as well as full upper and lower body workouts from home?.

What Are the Best Elliptical Brands Available?

The truth is, there are hundreds of elliptical machine manufacturers all over the world and some brands are more popular than others across different regions.

As such, a brand may be very popular in a place like Australia but virtually unknown in Europe.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on the best elliptical brands available in the North American market.

1. Schwinn

Schwinn makes some of the best elliptical trainers

Schwinn is an iconic brand known for its manufacture of anything from mountain bikes to treadmills as well as quality but affordable elliptical trainers.

Founded in 1895, the company has been revolutionizing and perfecting technologies in the bicycle industry for over 120 years.

The brand released its first set of fitness machines in 1965 and has remained a market leader ever since.


Schwinn-branded elliptical machines come with a lot of standout features including a huge number of pre-defined workout programs. These programs enable you to achieve the most effective workouts with specific goals in mind.

Machines from its product line are also designed for easy assembly and come with minimal footprints.

Top Models

Schwinn has lots of top models available for sale, with our number one pick being the Schwinn 430 Elliptical.  A more budget-friendly elliptical trainer designed to give you everything you need to transform your body is the Schwinn 411.

2. Sole Fitness

Utah-based Sole Fitness is responsible for some of the best light and commercial elliptical trainers available for sale.

The brand targets customers looking for more upscale machines, with prices ranging from $900 to $2,000 on the average.

If you are looking for a brand that offers 7-star customer service, a Sole Fitness elliptical could be perfect for you.


Elliptical machines from the Sole Fitness brand typically do not come with a lot of built-in workout programs. However, the brand makes up for this by giving you machines that guarantee top level performance for many years.

Their machines come with lots of tech-induced features including Bluetooth connectivity to enable effortless syncing with third party fitness apps.

Top Models

The Sole E95 is the best-selling model from the manufacturer’s E Series product line but you must be warned that it doesn’t come cheap. The E35 Elliptical is another quality product available for training at home.

If you want a commercial-level elliptical then the Sole E98 is probably the number one out there right now.

On the other hand, the Sole SC200 has got you covered if an elliptical-stepper hybrid trainer is your heart’s desire.

3. Vision Fitness

Vision Fitness is a brand under the Taiwan-based Johnson Health Tech. Since the release of its first machines in 1993, it has evolved to become a key player in the fitness industry.

The brand was the first to release a fold-able elliptical machine in 1998, leading a pack of rivals to follow suit. With lack of space no longer a barrier to working out at home, consumers and the media alike began to pay attention.


Vision Fitness elliptical machines offer users full body workouts at minimal impact to the body’s joints.

Users report experiencing quiet and fluid movements on their various models and this is no surprise as the brand remains a pioneer of releasing suspension elliptical machines.

If you want a versatile machine, you’ll love the ability to choose from different types of consoles available in some Vision Fitness elliptical models.

Top Models

Vision Fitness has several models available for sale today. The Vision S70 and Vision XF40 are our top two picks.

If you prefer commercial-grade machines, you should consider the Vision S20 and the Vision S7200 models.

These machines allow fitness enthusiast families with multiple members to work out daily with minimal wear and tear.

4. Precor

Precor elliptical on display

Precor is renowned for engineering some of the most popular elliptical trainers for commercial and home gyms.

The brand regularly incorporates the latest technological advancements to design ergonomic machines that encourage consistent workouts with minimal impact on the body.

The good news is that most personal elliptical machines from Precor come with features similar to those available in their commercial line.

In effect, buyers get a gym-grade machine for use at home.


Precor has a wide range of patented rear-drive elliptical machines that are light on the wallet and designed to give completely challenging workouts.

Precor’s patented CrossRamp feature is an innovation that allows the ramp to mold to the user’s feet, eliminating the risk of injuries.

Top Picks

The Precor EFX 835 Elliptical Cross-trainer is our number one pick if you have chosen the Precor brand. Closely behind are the Precor AMT 835 Elliptical Cross-trainer and the Precor EFX 833 Elliptical Cross-trainer.