Top 5 Heart Rate Monitors With Chest Strap 2020

Heart Rate Monitors

the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor is one of the best heart rate monitor with chest strap models

What is the best heart rate monitor chest strap available for sale right now? And how do you uncover the perfect fit for your needs in spite of the thousands of different models from several brands on the market?

The truth is there are lots of strapless heart rate monitors out there at the moment and many fitness enthusiasts are opting for them due to their convenience of use.

However those that come with chest straps have been found to be more accurate in terms of measuring the amount of calories burned and delivering other forms of performance-related feedback.

The best heart rate monitor chest strap models feature accurate transmitters which connect to the chest area. Any information obtained is then relayed to the wrist tracker.

Every user is required to input personal data such as height, body weight, and body mass index prior to using the strap for the first time.

The heart rate monitor then combines personal user data together with performance stats to calculate the actual number of calories burned.

To get optimum results, the sensor has to be connected to the chest.

​Best Heart Rate Monitors with Chest Straps Comparison Table





Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Soft Strap)
the Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor in full glory
Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker
the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor is one of the best heart rate monitor with chest strap models

Garmin HRM TRI
image showing the Garmin HRM TRI

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android
the Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android is another top heart rate monitor with chest strap
Garmin Heart Rate Monitor
do you fancy the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor? check it out here

5 Best Heart Rate Monitor With Chest Strap Models

After several hours of research and detailed chest strap heart rate monitor reviews, we have come to the conclusion that these are the best models worth spending your hard earned cash on at the moment.

Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Soft Strap)

the Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor in full glory

The Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor is crafted for those who are keen on all-round quality workouts every single time they hit the treadmill or undertake any cardio-based exercise activity.

This is a revolutionary heart rate monitor in multiple ways and you’re about to find out why.

Firstly, you only have to wear it around your chest to start getting instant feedback from compatible devices.

Each user gets to know whether their performance levels are within expectations or not so they can dig in deep when they have to.

The strap is manufactured from luxurious fabric that can be worn all day without any discomfort. When it gets dirty from heavy sweating during intense workouts, the strap can easily be removed and washed to look like new.

The adjustable size also comes in handy for people of all body sizes. Regardless of how much you weigh, the strap should fit snugly with no problems.

Pairing with a compatible device is easy and it recognizes previously paired devices every time.

It synchronizes flawlessly with most heart rate monitor watches from Garmin and other 3rd party manufacturers.

Buy the Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor here.​


  • Recognizes previously paired devices with ease
  • Gives instant feedback to compatible devices
  • Strap material is easily removable for hand washing
  • Strap can be easily adjusted to fit users of different body sizes


  • Doesn’t pair with all Garmin watches
  • Battery is difficult to replace

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor is one of the best heart rate monitor with chest strap models

The Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor allows you to train at just the right level of intensity. During workouts, you don’t want to be training below your stamina as this leads to minimal results on the body.

At the same time, over-training can lead to lots of pain in your joints which can cause severe health problems down the line.

This heart rate monitor chest strap therefore allows you to leverage physical exercises to meet your fitness goals without putting extra strain on the body.

The Polar H7 is compatible with the manufacturer’s Polar Beat which puts users on the path towards meeting their fitness goals faster. Just make a decision on the main goal of every workout and let Polar Beat guide you to achieve it as quickly as possible.

The H7 can also act as the perfect fitness coach thanks to the over 100 built-in sport profiles and real-time voice guidance as you train. The times in the past when you worked out with little results to show for are surely over when you get this.

The Polar Beat functionality enables users to track their sessions and conduct through analysis. Based on the figures, anyone can conclude whether his or her stamina has improved or more calories have been burned.

Whether you want a quick overview or detailed analysis of your core performance data, the completely free Polar Flow web service can be a great asset.

The flawless ability to share workout metrics with friends means you can feel good about your performance while challenging friends and family to invest more effort in physical training.

Buy the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker here.​


  • Polar Smart Coaching acts as your hands-on personal fitness trainer
  • Excellent customer service
  • Works great with many fitness apps


  • Bluetooth connection stays on even after your workout is done
  • Battery area is difficult to open

Garmin HRM-TRI

image showing the Garmin HRM TRI

The Garmin HRM-TRI is the smallest and lightest weight heart rate monitor available from Garmin's product range.

It is manufactured to be exceptionally sensitive to your heart’s electrical signals for quicker and more accurate pickup of pulse rate and other figures.

It is expertly fused with soft fabrics and rounded edges while the absence of exposed seams guarantees zero discomfort during extended hours of training.

Whether you are training for a professional swimming competition or simply want to take your abilities to the next level, the unit can be a powerful addition to your arsenal.

It tracks and stores up to 20 hours of swimming data while underwater.

The data recorded is then forwarded to a compatible device as soon as you get out of the water.

Apart from swimming, your heart rate data from undertaking any other physical activity is transmitted in real-time.

Training for a marathon or just wanna take your running performance to the next level? The Garmin HRM-TRI could come in really handy.

It measures comprehensive running performance dynamics such as cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time.

It is also compatible with lots of devices from third party manufacturers such as Polar.

The Garmin HRT-TRI is quite easy to care for and requires rinsing under cold water after each workout. It dries up and gets ready for use again within 12 hours.

The elastic material is relatively firmer than models from other brands. It also comes with a wide range of impressive features including a soft fabric covering the metallic hinge where it would have come into contact with the skin.

This prevents chafing problems and gives you stunning comfort so you can wear the watch as long as you want.

If you are currently frustrated with a different brand of chest strap heart rate monitor, switching to this model is a no-brainer.

Buy the Garmin HRM-TRI here.​


  • Small and super lightweight
  • Takes into account key running performance metrics such as cadence,vertical oscillation, and ground contact time.
  • compatible with devices from Polar and other third party brands


  • It doesn't communicate with compatible devices while a wearer is underwater.

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android

the Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android is another top heart rate monitor with chest strap

Looking for the most advanced way to train your heart? It doesn’t get better than the Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android.

This renowned heart rate monitor comes with the complementary functionality required to make personalized heart training a success.

It monitors your heart rate as well as the exact number of calories burned during each workout. Distance, pace, and duration are additional variables you can easily track when the Tickr is introduced into your fitness regime.

It features world-class dual band technology (Bluetooth/ANT+) which guarantees compatibility with iPhones, GPS devices, Android gadgets, and the Apple Watch.

Whether you are trying to shed some holiday weight or simply desire to transform the whole body, this strap can be a great purchase.

The Wahoo RunFit App enables you to flawlessly integrate cardio into all of your workouts from running to walking.

Strength training and other exercise sessions can also be taken advantage of to train your heart.

In addition, it is designed to be compatible with over 50 of the most popular fitness apps including the MapMyFitness, Nike+Running, RunKeeper, and Apple Health.

It is powered by coin cell battery with a lifetime of about 12 months. Upon expiry, the battery can be replaced with no stress at all.

Wahoo Fitness is aware that sweating is part of the fitness game and has therefore integrated world-class waterproof capabilities into the Tickr.

It works flawlessly in up to 5 feet of water or sweat.

When the Bluetooth connection is powered on and you’re actually paired with a device, the 2 small LED lights flash to alert you immediately.

This ensures that you always know the status of your unit instead of guessing as owners of rival products tend to do.

Buy the Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor here.​


  • Compatible with Wahoo RunFit App as well as over 50 third-party fitness apps including MapMyFitness and Nike+Running
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ technology allows easy pairing with multiple devices at the same time
  • Battery life is quite good and should last a longtime before the need for a replacement pops up
  • Compatible with a wide range of gym equipment


  • One-size-fits-all nature doesn’t work flawlessly for everyone, especially extremely small users
  • Snapping on the band can be difficult for some users

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

do you fancy the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor? check it out here

The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is a powerful add-on that complements GPS watches to ensure you get the best results from your workout efforts.

When worn around the chest, it transmits heart rate and other performance data to your GPS watch with complete accuracy. You get to choose from 2 different strap sizes depending on how comfortable you want your workout sessions to be.

The Regular is for fitness buffs that do not care too much about comfort and would rather spend the extra money on other things. The strap is made from plastic material which is quite comfortable.

The more expensive Soft Strap style is for those who don’t want to compromise on their comfort whether running or pounding any gym equipment. It is manufactured from soft fabric that feels really smooth on the skin when worn.

The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with The Edge 350Hr and the Edgecad. If you own the Garmin Forerunner 50, your pulse is wireless transmitted in real-time.

Most of the manufacturer’s branded GPS watches are equally compatible with the chest strap.

The fact that it provides accurate data regarding how hard you are working in real-time can be a huge confidence booster. Many fitness enthusiasts say this feature alone pumps more adrenaline into their bodies so they can push themselves to the limit.

It is resistant to water within depths of up to 10 meters. Battery life is excellent and estimated at more than 3 years when used for 1 hour per day on the average.

With a 3-meter built in range, compatible devices don’t have to be too close in order to transmit your data successfully.

​Buy the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor here.


  • Wireless transmission of data such as heat rate per minute, calories burned, and distance as you workout
  • Compatible with Garmin GPS watches
  • Excellent battery life
  • Compatible with The Edge 350Hr and the Edgecad


  • Some users experience chaffing from the strap
  • Doesn’t transmit performance data when swimming

Advantages of Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitors

How do heart rate monitors with chest straps compare with the strap-free models and why should anyone choose one of those? First of all, it’s important to consider the advantages of heart rate monitors that come with chest straps.

Extremely Accurate

Heart rate monitors with chest straps offer levels of accuracy unrivaled on the market. Period!

While strapless rivals tend to est