Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviewed!

Heart Rate Monitors

the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - red/orange color

The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch  is one of the most sought-after within the fitness industry. While Polar has a lot of top notch models available for sale, the FT7 is quite special.

Am I getting fitter and burning more fat? This question is always on the minds of not just athletes but ordinary fitness enthusiasts who engage in regular workout exercises as well.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to answer until conspicuous physical changes begin occurring in your body.

Sadly, most people never get to that point because they give up along the way. This is usually due to the belief that their workouts are not yielding any positive fruits.

Exercising requires a lot of discipline without which the temptation to quit can be very strong. Unless you are getting accurate data to determine your progress, staying motivated may be next to impossible.

Fortunately, the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch provides correct data to give you a great overview of your progress. It fires you up to carry on with those gruesome early morning or evening workouts.

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Energy Pointer​

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - black and red pictured
The workout goals of a bodybuilder are very different from another who just wants to get rid of muffin tops. The EnergyPointer technology featured in the Polar F7 Heart Rate Monitor is one of the most talked-about right now.

It helps you to focus on core exercises that will bring you the quickest results depending on your goals.

This feature visually presents the main effect of your physical exercises to you in order to prevent distractions.

No need to rely on the expertise of a physical trainer in order to get on track to achieve your desired body weight or figure.

You just have to compile a list of workouts to undertake while keeping your eyes on the EnergyPointer.

This will help you filter time-wasting exercises from your routine in order to focus on the most effective ones.

Wouldn’t you want to work out smart instead of hard?

Smart Calories

displayed here is the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - black and black
Many of us work out at home or in the gym because we want to get rid of excess body fat.

With the global population of overweight people increasing at a quick pace, this is the time to get in shape.

Achieving weight loss is not easy and requires you to burn more calories than you consume daily.

While this may sound simple, burning fat is actually one of the most complicated processes in the human body.

In fact weight loss is far from an exact science. This is because lots of factors determine whether you lose or gain weight.

No wonder the Polar FT7's mind-blowing OwnCal technology  has become so popular.

It is an application that takes into account user details such as age, height, weight, gender, and personal maximum heart rate.

This data is then used to calculate the number of calories your body burns during each workout session.

Therefore, it effectively takes the guesswork out of weight loss to make things simpler for everyone.

Figuring out how many calories you need to burn daily in order to achieve a specific weight goal just got easier.

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Training Load

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - blue lilac version
Tired of soreness from overworking your body all in the name of improving your fitness or losing some weight?

The Training Load feature integrated into the Polar FT7 helps users strike a perfect balance between working out and resting.

The manufacturer has a dedicated website Polarpersonaltrainer.com where all users can log onto to check their training load status.

The application takes a look at your cumulative training load from each day of workout.

It recommends whether you need rest and if so, which days to take some time off from physical training. This feature can also recommends the best days to engage in more intense workouts to build up on your performance.

Seriously, this heart rate monitor makes weight loss as easy as it can possibly be.

Heart Touch

image of Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - black color
This is another reason why the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a must-have. When switched on, it gives vital workout information to the user without the need to touch or press any buttons.

This allows you to exercise with gloves for maximum hand comfort without worrying about struggling to access data from your heart rate monitor.

Graphical Target Zone Indicator

The Polar FT7 is integrated with a graphical target zone indicator which showcases graphically on the screen the current heart zone during every point in your training session.

For those with a specific level of intensity they want to exercise in, this feature will help you stay grounded in your preferred intensity zone for maximum results.


The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is an exceptional mid-range priced device that has helped fuel successful body building and weight loss in loads of people all over the planet.

It is one of the most iconic heart rate monitors available in several designs and colors while delivering the same five-star functionality.

If you desperate to get rid of excess body fat or take your fitness to the next level? This could be just what you need.